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El presidente y CEO de GungHo, Kazuki Morishita, abre la puerta a Puzzle & Dragons en Switch

And of course, Puzzle & Dragons started on mobile, but there’s also Puzzle & Dragons Z, Puzzle & Dragons: Super Mario Bros. Edition, and Puzzle & Dragons X [in Japan] on the 3DS. Since those spin-off titles have all been on a Nintendo platform, we’re looking to see if there’s a possibility of potentially bringing that IP to the Switch. Nothing official at the moment, however.

Deep blue sea
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Cita:[Imagen: chara01.png]
He's a boy with an overflowing vitality who makes a living out of salvaging.
After meeting Homura, he'll become greatly affected by the fate of the world.
Cita:[Imagen: chara02.png]
Blade who becomes Rex's partner. She uses the power of flame.
Together with Rex, they intend to find paradise.
Cita:[Imagen: intro_img01.png]
A world covered with a sea of clouds, Arst
A large number of living creatures are inhabiting the sea of clouds,
some particularly gigantic were called the "Giant Beasts Ars"
People established their base of activities on top of Arses.
Cita:[Imagen: intro_img02.png]
When a person comes in contact with a core crystal,
it gives birth to a subspecies life form. Blades are born with a weapon.
They become the arms and legs of the person who gave birth to them.
They grow and cut through battles together.
Cita:[Imagen: intro_img03.png]
Chosen people who can give birth to Blades.
Empathising with a Blade, the driver can use a great variety of powers.
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