No Man's Sky Orbital: nuevas estaciones espaciales, personalización de naves...
Pues actualizo esto porque acaba de salir un nuevo update, que añade, como es habitual, un montón de nuevas características como revisión total de los sistemas de armas, nuevas historias, nuevos enemigos y comportamientos de combate de los centinelas, la posibilidad de reprogramar y adoptar tu propio dron de inteligencia artificial  o mejoras gráficas.

Ya está disponible en todas las plataformas:

  • Three new types of Sentinel Drone have been added: Heavy Combat Drones, Repair Drones and Summoner Drones.
  • Combat Drones use a variety of weapons, including terrain-destroying grenades, close-range scatter shot, and a rapid fire laser rifle.
  • Repair Drones are lightly armed and weak, but will rapidly seek out and repair any damaged Sentinel units.
  • Summoner Drones are little threat in themselves but if left unchecked will quickly overwhelm careless Travellers by calling in waves of reinforcements.
  • Sentinel drone navigation has been reworked, allowing for better pathfinding over rough terrain, and allowing drones to pursue players into buildings and caves.
  • Sentinel Drones now deploy static combat shields, creating a dynamic battlefield. Players may manoeuvre to take advantage of these shields for themselves, or open fire to destroy the shield.
  • A new high-level Sentinel has been added, the Hardframe Battle Mech.
  • The Hardframe can be found at high alert levels or patrolling near secure buildings.
  • The Hardframe is well-armoured but highly mobile, being equipped with a jetpack.
  • The Hardframe has access to a range of weaponry, including grenades and a plasma flamethrower.
  • Sentinels can now be temporarily disabled, either by defeating the final wave of Sentinel forces in a battle, or by locating and interfacing with a planetary Sentinel Pillar.
  • The canisters dropped by Sentinel forces have been visually refreshed, with drones, quads, Walkers and Hardframes all dropping distinct items.
  • Sentinel canisters have had their physics adjusted so that they are less likely to roll away at high speeds during a fight.
  • At higher alert levels, or on extreme Sentinel worlds, waves have been adjusted to bring additional forces in over time.
  • Sentinel base health has been increased.
  • Sentinel weapon ranges have been adjusted to keep targets in a more structured combat formation.
  • Sentinel firing rates have been adjusted for a more dynamic combat experience.
  • The Sentinel Walker’s vital armour now covers only their head unit.
  • Destroying the leg armour of a Sentinel Walker will now temporarily buckle the Walker.
  • The speed of the Sentinel Walker’s projectiles has been increased.
  • The Sentinel Walker’s grenades now destroy planetary terrain.
  • Fixed a number of issues with Sentinel Walker aiming and navigation.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Sentinel drones to fly into space to investigate crimes committed by players on other worlds.
  • Players will no longer be alerting about Sentinels investigating crimes committed by players they are not grouped with.
  • Sentinel alert icons have been adjusted, and alert states consolidated, to make it more clear what state various Sentinel forces are in when searching for a player.
  • Fixed an issue where players may be sent to extreme Sentinel worlds by missions that should avoid extreme Sentinels.
  • PC support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution 1.0 has been enabled. This is a cutting edge super-optimised spatial upscaling technology that produces impressive image quality at fast framerates. Learn more on the AMD site.
  • VR image quality has been improved for PS4 Pro.
  • For PC players with a compatible RTX card, support for Nvidia DLAA has been enabled. NVIDIA DLAA is an AI-based anti-aliasing mode for users who have spare GPU headroom and want the highest levels of image quality. See more on the NVIDIA site.
  • For PC players with a compatible RTX card, Nvidia DLSS support has been upgraded to version 2.3.0.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause excessive base part pop-in on high-end consoles and PCs.
  • Introduced a number of physics optimisations.
  • Introduced a number of load time optimisations.
  • Introduced a number of memory optimisations.
  • Added a new technology to the Space Anomaly, the Minotaur AI Autopilot. With the AI active and the player on foot, the Minotaur will attempt to follow the player and assist them in combat.
  • The Minotaur now has a dedicated third-person combat camera.
  • The Minotaur non-combat camera has been improved.
  • The Minotaur turning circle has been tightened.
  • The Minotaur no longer decelerates on turning.
  • The Minotaur now sways less when in combat.
  • The Minotaur can now back pedal when in combat.
  • Fixed a number of issues that caused popping in the third-person Exocraft and Minotaur cameras.
  • First-person aiming and locomotion for the Minotaur has been improved.
  • When equipped with the appropriate weapon, the Minotaur can now shoot from its arms as well as its head-mounted turret.
  • Sentinel projectiles now correctly collide with Exocraft, meaning that exocraft now take damage from enemy fire.
  • The canisters dropped by defeated Sentinels can now be picked up while in the Minotaur.
  • Sentinels will no longer investigate when the player destroys a plant or rock by treading on it with the Minotaur.
  • The Exocraft and Minotaur cannons have had their base damage increased.
  • The Exocraft and Minotaur cannons now deal a level of explosion damage on impact, damaging other nearby targets.
  • The Minotaur now has its own bespoke reticles for different weapon modes.
  • Exocraft marker and interaction labels now use the specific name of that Exocraft.
  • Improved the positioning of exocraft markers.
  • Exocraft weapons now correctly display their ammo/charge status in the HUD.
  • Build costs for the Exocraft Summoning Station have been reduced.
  • The Exocraft Summoning station can now be picked up and carried around in the Exosuit inventory.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Terrain Manipulator size preview to appear while using the Minotaur.
  • A new class of weapon has been added – the Neutron Cannon.
  • The Neutron Cannon is a charged energy weapon that does not use projectile ammunition.
  • Charging the Neutron Cannon releases a fast-moving cone of destruction, similar to the Scatter Blaster.
  • Alternatively, the Neutron Cannon can be fired rapidly, though this deals less damage.
  • Neutron Cannon impacts deal short-range explosive damage.
  • The Neutron Cannon is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • Procedurally generated upgrades are available for the Neutron Cannon from weapons dealers across the universe.
  • A new class of secondary grenade launcher has been added – the Paralysis Mortar.
  • On impact, or a short time after launch, the Paralysis Mortar’s projectiles will explode in a flash of electric energy, temporarily stunning all entities caught in its blast radius.
  • The Paralysis Mortar is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • A new class of secondary Multi-Tool utility has been added, the Cloaking Device.
  • Activating the Cloaking Device will cause the user to become temporarily invisible, allowing rapid escape from Sentinel forces, or for a quick tactical repositioning.
  • The Cloaking Device has its own power source and does not need to be recharged.
  • The Cloaking Device is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • A new upgrade has been added for the Pulse Spitter, the Impact Igniter. This technology causes every projectile from the Pulse Spitter to set its target on fire, as well as deal damage on impact.
  • The Impact Igniter is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • A new upgrade has been added for the Blaze Javelin, the Waveform Oscillator. This technology applies a brief stunning effect to any target hit by the Javelin’s beam. The stun is of the same duration regardless of the Javelin’s charge level.
  • The Waveform Oscillator is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • A new generalised Multi-Tool upgrade has been introduced, the Voltaic Amplifier. When installed, this upgrade increases the damage dealt to stunned targets by all weapons.
  • The Voltaic Amplifier is available to research aboard the Space Anomaly.
  • The Multi-Tool caches found in the Space Station and in planetary shops have had a visual overhaul.
  • Weapons found in Multi-Tool caches or presented by NPCs may now contain procedurally generated upgrades.
  • A new piece of salvaged equipment, the Hardframe Engine, is now available to those who destroy a Hardframe in combat.
  • Sentinel Drones may now leave behind Salvaged Glass, a strange remnant of another world.
  • Salvaged Glass may be cracked open to reveal a valuable item.
  • Salvaged Glass may contain a new class of unique procedurally generated upgrade, which applies a wide range of bonuses across multiple Exosuit or Multi-Tool systems.
  • The sentinels now deploy their forces in greater numbers, to create more dramatic firefights.
  • All grenade-based weapons have received new icons.
  • Plasma Grenades now deal only 10% of their full damage to the player who fired them, reducing the risk of a fatal accident.
  • Plasma Grenades now deal slightly less damage on impact to all targets, but will now set the target on fire and deal damage over time.
  • The base damage of the Pulse Spitter has been increased.
  • The speed of the Pulse Spitter’s projectiles has been decreased.
  • Pulse Spitter projectiles are now affected by gravity.
  • The speed of the Boltcaster’s projectiles has been increased.
  • The Boltcaster’s burst cap has been increased, so that it can fire more projectiles before needing to cool down.
  • The positioning of player weapons has been improved in VR.
  • The placement of the player’s hands on two-handed weapons in third person has been improved.
  • Heavy weapons (such as the Blaze Javelin or Scatter Blaster) now use a stronger recoil animation, to reflect the power of the blast.
  • Weapon projectiles now apply an impulse to Sentinel drones, pushing them backwards.
  • The rumble and camera shake of all weapons has been adjusted for both drama and impact, but also player comfort.
  • When in an environment that prevents weapon use (such as the Space Anomaly), the HUD will default to a more subtle crosshair.
  • The Personal Forcefield is no longer locked to one plane, and can be freely moved to block attacks from above or below.
  • Different weapons may now be balanced with different critical hit multipliers.
  • Fixed an issue that caused unnecessary camera movement when cycling between different weapon modes.
  • Fixed an issue that caused camera popping and unnecessary movement when using the Personal Forcefield.
  • Aggressive Multi-Tool modes (such as the Boltcaster) now have bespoke first and third person camera settings, to create contrast from non-aggressive Multi-Tool modes (such as the Mining Laser).
  • The combat supply canisters dropped by Sentinels can now be opened by interacting with them, in addition to shooting them.
  • Interacting with a combat supply canister that recharges the Exosuit’s shield will no longer display a full screen message if the shield was already full.
  • In addition to charging the Exosuit’s shield, combat supply canisters may now restore other critical systems, such as health or hazard protection.
  • The full screen messages and notifications displayed when taking damage or charging shields have been adjusted for accuracy.
  • Full-screen damage effects have been adjusted to reduce visual noise while in combat.
  • Armoured drones no longer show multiple health bars for each piece of armour.
  • Teleporting between destinations in the same system (eg between bases or between the Space Station and bases) has been made significantly faster.
  • The cap on owned Multi-Tools has been increased from 3 to 6.
  • When items are added to the inventory and the inventory UI is open (for example, when dismantling a piece of technology), the items now prioritise being added to the currently active inventory page if possible.
  • The visual appearance of Multi-Tools in the Quick Menu has been improved.
  • While piloting your ship, if your current mission is asking you to visit the Space Anomaly, then summoning the Anomaly now has priority in the Quick Menu over the Galaxy Map.
  • If both your secondary and primary weapons are out of charge, the Quick Menu will now always prioritise the primary weapon.
  • Consumable food items now describe in their popup what sort of effect they will have upon the one who consumes them.
  • Held interactions now have a minimum fill when tapping a button, to help communicate that the button needs to be held.
  • When viewing an item in the world that contains multiple rewards (such as the canisters dropped by Sentinels), then health or shield critical rewards will be prioritised in the UI label, if the player is low on health or shield levels.
  • Improved the VFX for the Minotaur’s jetpack thrust, jetpack ignition, and take off.
  • Sentinel Drones now have muzzle flash VFX for their weapons.
  • Added new VFX for all new Sentinel weapon types.
  • Improved the impact and destruction effects when destroying Sentinel Drones, Quads and Walkers.
  • Improved the impact, trail and explosion effects for plasma grenades and the geology cannon.
  • Added lights to player weapon muzzle flashes.
  • Improved the muzzle, beam and impact effects for the Mining Laser.
  • Improved the muzzle, beam and impact effects for the Blaze Javelin.
  • Improved the muzzle, projectile and impact effects for the Pulse Spitter.
  • Improved the muzzle, trail and impact effects for the Scatter Blaster.
  • Improved the muzzle, trail and impact effects for the Boltcaster
  • Improved general explosion effects.
  • Improved starship damage and destruction effects.
  • Improved the VFX for starship missile trails.
  • Improved the VFX for starship energy weapons.
  • Improved the VFX for planetary fire hazards.
  • Improved the VFX for the various hazardous gas plants found across planets.
  • Improved the steam effect used in various planetary hazards.
  • Improved the meteor impact and trail VFX.
  • Improved the VFX for planetary volcanic eruptions.
  • Volcano VFX update. Main eruption and build up geyser smoke build up updates.
  • Improved the space atmospherics.
  • No Man’s Sky will support Steam Deck from launch.
  • Introduced a number of specific Steam Deck optimisations.
  • Introduced support for Steam Deck controls.
  • Introduced support for Steam Deck touch input.
  • The maximum number of saveable terrain edits has been significantly increased.
  • Compatible base parts can now be freely rotated around any axis, allowing for more creative and flexible construction.
  • When adjusting the colour or material of a base part, the holographic effect is disabled and illustrative lights are enabled around the part in question.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause nearby base parts to be deleted when moving a base part.
  • Fixed a case where the player ship would not be correctly placed on an available landing pad when teleporting to a base.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause duplicate parts to spawn within a settlement, blocking player access to buildings.
  • Fixed a number of issues that could cause base parts to snap incorrectly.
  • Improved the clarity of a number of base building error messages.
  • Improved the positioning and stability of the Build Menu.
  • Fixed an issue that caused parts to become deselected when toggling between placement and selection modes.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the base part popup information to overlap other parts of the UI.
  • Added audio to a number of Build Menu options.
  • Fixed a number of Build Menu UI issues that could occur when using HUD scaling.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the paint option to be visible when the selected part cannot be repainted.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause incorrect colours to be applied to some base parts.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed overly rapid placement of base parts.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented base parts from being replaced in their correct location if the player cancels picking up and moving the part.
  • Fixed a number of issues that allowed players to build unbuildable base parts.
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate unbuildable base parts.
  • Fixed a number of visual glitches that could occur when building in multiplayer.
  • Improved the visual effect when constructing a new base part.
  • The maximum number of companions has been increased from 6 to 18.
  • Companions are no longer dismissed when a player enters a vehicle or ship, and are instead only dismissed when that vehicle starts moving.
  • Creature pathfinding has been significantly improved.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause diplo-class creatures to be cut out of frame in the Discovery UI.
  • Fixed a number of issues that could occur when creatures or fiends attacked via a long-distance pounce.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented diplo-class creatures from giving their correct specific cooking ingredients when butchered or milked.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the ragdolling of some creature types.
  • A new building type, the Sentinel Pillar, can now be found on planets across the universe.
  • The nearest Sentinel Pillar is located when defeating a level 5 Sentinel alert.
  • A Pillar can also be found via a Sentinel Boundary Map, a special chart that can be harvested from defeated Sentinels.
  • A substantial new series of Sentinel stories are available to be read at the Sentinel Pillar’s main terminal.
  • A new player title is available to Travellers who read the entire archive.
  • Planetary Sentinel forces can be temporarily shut down from a Sentinel Pillar’s main terminal.
  • A new class of Royal Multi-Tool may occasionally be found when harvesting weapons technology from the Sentinel Pillar’s main terminal.
  • A substantial new series of story-driven missions has been added. These missions will probe some of the deepest secrets of the Sentinels… Please note: Players must have a planetary settlement to begin the new missions.
  • During the course of these missions, Travellers will acquire and reprogram their own personal Drone companion.
  • A new player title is available for Travellers who complete this mission chain.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause inappropriate planets to be selected for creature taming or feeding missions.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players never to find the needed component during Nexus repair missions.
  • Fixed an issue that asked players for an inappropriate amount of faecium during substance collection Nexus missions.
  • Nexus construction missions now choose from a more diverse range of base parts.
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Miembro de la iglesia Pachteriana. ¡ALABADO SEA EL PROFETA!
Reflotada aprobada por Titanic INC XD

Yo soy otro de los que se quedan ahí con el gusanillo con el juego... que imagino que no tiene sentido offline y en unos años cuando chapen no se podrá disfrutar.
La verdad es que el online en este juego es testimonial, puedes jugar tranquilamente solo. De hecho es difícil encontrarse gente a no ser que vayas a algunos lugares específicos destinados a ello. Está hecho para lobos solitarios como yo... XD
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Miembro de la iglesia Pachteriana. ¡ALABADO SEA EL PROFETA!
Si pero es como Diablo 3 que DEBES estar conectado?
Nuevo contenido gratuito para el juego, ahora centrado en la piratería, además de mejoras en otros aspectos del juego y más tipos de naves.

Las naves solares son una nueva clase de nave estelar de alta tecnología, con una gama completa y diversa de variaciones generadas procedimentalmente. Estos versátiles y eficientes viajeros de largo alcance vienen con sus propias tecnologías únicas, y se pueden encontrar por todo el universo.

En toda la galaxia, los sistemas estelares han caído bajo el control de los forajidos. La autoridad del sistema se ha rendido a las fuerzas rebeldes, dejando el espacio sin vigilancia y listo para la piratería.

Además de no tener interceptores Centinela, los sistemas forajidos tienen sus propios comerciantes de tecnología, su propio mercado de artículos de contrabando, sus propios agentes de misión únicos, y mucho más...

Los riesgos y las recompensas del combate espacial se han reequilibrado para aumentar el desafío, la fluidez y la velocidad.

Los efectos de destrucción de las naves, los asteroides, los cargueros y los cargamentos espaciales han sido revisados para que el derribo de naves sea más satisfactorio que nunca.

Mira desde las superficies planetarias para ver flotas ocasionales de fragatas surcando los cielos.

Además, se han revisado los efectos de warp y de los motores de todas las fragatas y cargueros para darles un toque adicional de impacto.

Compra bienes de contrabando en estaciones fuera de la ley y llévalos a sistemas regulados para venderlos con grandes beneficios.

Las autoridades del sistema pueden ahora escanear las naves que pasan y examinar su carga en busca de mercancías ilegales, con interceptores Centinela preparados para hacer frente a los posibles contrabandistas. Los pilotos emprendedores pueden instalar contramedidas en forma de un Deflector de Sonda de Carga.

Sobrevuela las cimas de las cordilleras en feroces combates contra naves fuera de la ley o contra las autoridades del sistema Sentinel dentro de las atmósferas planetarias.

Las naves estelares ahora pueden ser equipadas con un inventario de carga de alta capacidad, permitiendo a los jugadores transportar más que nunca a través de las galaxias.

Recluta pilotos itinerantes en tu propio escuadrón para que te acompañen en tu viaje. Estos copilotos se dirigirán automáticamente a tu ubicación durante los combates espaciales, y pueden ser invocados para volar en formación en cualquier momento.

Inspecciona las habilidades, los rasgos y las estadísticas de batalla de los reclutas de tu escuadrón desde el terminal de gestión de la flota en el puente de tu nave capital. Amplía la capacidad de tu flota desbloqueando plazas de piloto adicionales, o entrena a tus pilotos actuales para mejorar su eficiencia en combate.

Los jugadores ahora pueden poseer hasta nueve naves estelares, lo que da a los cazadores de naves la oportunidad de coleccionar una flota más diversa de clases, colores y diseños de naves. Además, ahora los jugadores pueden cambiar su nave estelar principal mientras están en el hangar de su carguero.

No Man's Sky cuenta ahora con una simulación de la física de las telas, que incluye telas de gran realismo como capuchas y capas. Visita un modificador de apariencia para probar los nuevos diseños de capa totalmente personalizables.

La nueva opción de seguimiento automático de naves estelares permite el bloqueo automático de objetivos en el combate espacial. Este modo bloquea y rastrea automáticamente las naves enemigas, a la vez que permite realizar ajustes de precisión a partir de las aportaciones del jugador.

Este modo se habilita en el menú de opciones como un conmutador o en espera, lo que permite a los jugadores centrarse en el cambio de armas y el disparo sin la necesidad de dirigir, ya sea como una preferencia, o una opción de accesibilidad.

La Expedición Seis: ¡Blighted comenzará pronto!

Una galaxia lejana ha sido aterrorizada por piratas conocidos como The Blight - ¡y ha llegado el momento de revelar su secreto! Viaja a través de las estrellas en busca de un misterioso tesoro en esta nueva expedición guiada por la narrativa.

Las recompensas exclusivas de esta expedición incluyen la capa de forajido desgastada por la batalla, un simpático cubo de forajido para tu base, un generoso surtido de banderas y pósteres con temática de forajidos, un rastro de nave estelar único, ¡y mucho más!

Explora los sistemas forajidos y sus motivos con una serie de nuevas misiones y consigue recompensas como nuevos títulos o la personalización exclusiva de la capucha de la Libertad.

Las naves piratas, comerciantes y centinelas vienen ahora equipadas con escudos de energía, que varían en fuerza y velocidad de recarga. ¡Derriba rápidamente las naves hostiles mientras sus escudos están desactivados!

Se ha incrementado el beneficio disponible para aquellos que se aprovechan de las naves comerciales o de los cargueros de paso, aunque los interceptores centinela ahora responderán a los ataques en las rutas comerciales planetarias...

Después de participar en actos de piratería espacial, ahora puedes restaurar tu reputación presentando un Pasaporte Falsificado al Núcleo de la Estación dentro de cualquier estación espacial regulada.

Todas las armas de las naves estelares se han reequilibrado para favorecer las decisiones tácticas durante los combates. Las armas ahora vienen con distintos niveles de daño contra los escudos o los cascos, la balista ciclotrónica ahora inutiliza los motores de las naves hostiles, y el rayo de fase puede absorber la energía de los escudos de su objetivo directamente en tus propios sistemas de escudos.

Los sistemas forajidos tienen su propio Bounty Master a medida que ofrece una gama única de misiones generadas procedimentalmente, todas ellas con recompensas muy rentables para los piratas dispuestos.

El combate espacial ha sido revisado visualmente, con nuevos y mejorados efectos tanto para las naves del jugador como para las del NPC. Las mejoras incluyen fogonazos, iluminación, efectos de impacto, proyectiles y mucho más...

Ahora los piratas se adentrarán en las atmósferas de los planetas para atacar edificios y asentamientos, ametrallando desde el cielo y haciendo llover fuego sobre la estructura y sus alrededores. Súbete a tu nave y repele a los piratas para ganar nuevas recompensas.

Outlaws Update - No Man's Sky (
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Miembro de la iglesia Pachteriana. ¡ALABADO SEA EL PROFETA!
Lo que está haciendo Hello Games con este juego es para quitarse el sombrero y restregárselo por la cara a muchísimas compañías, ojalá otras tantas tomaran ejemplo de como mantener un producto vivo y fresco
[Imagen: 5Kh4fak.png]
Pues ya tenemos nueva actualización gratuita disponible para No Man's Sky, titulada Endurance. Las novedades son estas: 

Y el trailer en Youtube: 

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Miembro de la iglesia Pachteriana. ¡ALABADO SEA EL PROFETA!
Tiene un pintón tremendo, en nada se parece al que jugué de salida, menuda redención, pero me da una pereza terrible volver a probarlo, primero por que es un juego donde las horas vuelan y segundo por que parece que sus mecánicas parecen complejas.

¿Todo se basa aún en recolectar materiales constantemente para construir cosas y llegar a otros planetas donde poder recolectar aún mas materiales?
Menudo upgrade que le han metido en estos años.
Creía que habían parado con las actualizaciones gratuitas, que dieron un aviso como que hasta ahí habían llegado. Obviamente lo he soñado o me he confundido de juego sisi
[Imagen: 49599.png]
De parar las actualizaciones gratuitas ni hablar, ya tenemos aquí Waypoint, el update que sacaron la semana pasada, lleno de novedades y que coincide con el lanzamiento del juego en Nintendo Switch.

Para mi un hito meter un juego tan enorme en la portatil de Nintendo sin quitar opciones más allá de la no presencia del online, ojalá metiesen el guardado multiplataforma para poder jugar con mi partida en la Switch, iba a caer el juego ipso facto.

Trailer de lanzamiento de la versión de Switch:

Podría poner la lista enorme de cosas que han añadido o retocado, pero mejor lo veis directamente en su web, que está muy bonico: Waypoint Update - No Man's Sky ( sisi
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Miembro de la iglesia Pachteriana. ¡ALABADO SEA EL PROFETA!
Cada vez que sale una actualización de este juego creo que todos los que aún no hemos jugado, preguntamos lo mismo ¿La recolección de recursos es llevadera, o sigue siendo un fuerte componente del juego? De hecho, por comparar ¿En cuál crees que se lleva mejor recolectar cosas para avanzar , en este o en Subnautica?
[Imagen: 49599.png]

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