[Nintendo] Anunciado Nintendo MiniDirect Partner Showcase - 17/09 16:00
Aunque soy bastante excéptico en lo que vayan a presentar, tiene pinta que el rumoreado Monster Hunter de Switch aparecerá hoy.

Un leaker en Reddit (parece que ya ha filtrado cosas que han sido reales otras veces) ha publicado ésto:

Hey everyone, it's been a while...

In this trying time I bring you good news, a new Monster Hunter title is coming! It's Monster Hunter Rise and it's coming next year on Nintendo Switch!

It's going to be again heavily inspired by Japan as was MHP3rd. You have a new companion besides palico - a dog that you can ride and he's able to assist you too! Locations are much more open and you can climb seemingly any surface. Also you get a... fairy grappling hook (something like that, you can grapple to anything, even thin air). And yes, it is used in new combos!

There will be new monsters as usual, ones I know are:furry jaggi with scythe at the end of its tail, one looking like a fire brathing crane, second like a platypus Dodogama, and a heavy looking demonlike zinogre with purple fire and spear tail, probably flagship called Magaimagado (western name will ofc be altered). Returning ones are Arzuros, Nerscylla(possibly Shrouded, so I think Khezu too?) and Tobi Kadachi.

Release date is >! 26.03.2021 !< for Japan, don't know about the rest. Also will come three new amiibo, doggo, palico and flagship.

Sound wild doesn't it? Thanks for tuning in, Burshie out!

Oh and the village chief looks like a brother of Admiral of the First Fleet

EDIT: Global release will be on the above date, let's rejoice! Also layered armor is coming to this one! EDIT2: Grappling hook is not a fairy but a bug that resembled Navi, that's on me. Flagship name added

Pocos minutos después, en Twitter Zhuge ha posteado:

Con lo que hay polvareda levantada en las redes

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