[Multi] 10 minutos de Atomic Heart - DEMO DISPONIBLE
(27-01-2019 09:25)chente escribió:Es una reimaginación de nuestro mundo en el que la URSS sigue existiendo y la robótica avanzó tanto como se ve ahí. 

El juego es ruso además, creo.
Esto explicaría porqué el prota habla raro. Yo pensaba que era lenguaje máquina o que le habían pegado un tajazo en la lengua, o comido mucho chiles de Quetzalzatenango.
De resetera, sacados de un artículo de una web rusa que habla del desarrollo del juego:
  • Last gameplay is real but it's heavily directed and very linear. First trailer is mostly fake with gameplay bits rendered on engine.
  • Seems like the game may have an episodic release (1 episode is approximately 5 hours) but it doesn't mentioned anywhere else.
  • CEO doesn't have any knowledge about the game development.
  • Everything that people like about the game (art, design, concept) is made by one person - Artyom Galeev, who has been nurturing the concept of the game for many years.
  • No actual game design. Devs don't know what they want to make. Someone liked finishers from DOOM and they implented something similar. Ideas shift from Doom-Prey to even Dark Souls.
  • Major layoffs and there are not many experienced developers with C++ and UE4 in Russia, a lot of the work is outsourced.
  • Development was rebooted 5 months ago and now it looks even worse than it did before, huge gameplay downgrade.
  • The whole deal with Soviet Luna Park VR sounds like a cashgrab with peopple who bought it left behind.
  • Pre-orders are already open and it seems like it's the only thing about this game that really does work.
Vamos, muy bonitos los vídeos si se confirma...
Podéis probar la demo AQUÍ

  • SO: Windows 10 (RS5; actualización de octubre de 2018)
  • CPU: Intel Core i7 3770 o superior
  • Gráfica: Nvidia GeForce RTX
  • RAM: 16 GB

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