Juegos de lucha comunidad 33bits [Hilo oficial]
Yo sólo juego al Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 y al Tekken 7.
Aunque en vista del último pack DLC de Injustice 2... En cuanto salga edición completa se viene para casa.

Y bueno, en enero posiblemente caiga la Arcade Edition de Street Fighter V... O el Dragon Ball, tengo que ordenar mis pensamientos.
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Me cago en Messi!!  Las tortugas ninja!!!
No hay nada como jugar kusoges como

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super turbo
Leaks de varios juegos del género:

Cita:I will start this off by saying I was the one who leaked TMNT and Enchantress being the other characters in Fighter Pack 3.
So if you want to quickly disregard that I have sources or what I am about to say, at least take what I am saying into consideration before you quickly doubt it. I have multiple sources and for multiple things and developers, so if you're wondering how I am knowledgeable of these things, I cannot quite get into that, but what I do allows me to have these contacts. I will split this into sections by company.
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition:
Season 3 characters include Sagat, Sakura, Cody, Sodom, 2 newcomers (I heard 2 Final Fight newcomers from one source, but Roxy and a Shadaloo Doll from another)
There will also be free characters added as part of the update, which are Crimson Viper, Q, Necro, and Oro.
Critical Arts were supposed to be added upon its launch, but I am hearing they are probably saving it for later. Color Edit Mode is something I was told that's going to be a new feature added. Those concerned with input lag, those fixes will most likely not be added until Season 4 or around halfway in to 3 to implement. If you did not know, Unreal Engine 4 only recently put out the update, and it requires quite some time to fix. It would take somewhere around half a year (maybe more) to both port and then debug everything. The backporting is not the hard part, it's debugging that is so time consuming. The same thing applies to other fighting games that currently use it and have issues with it like Tekken 7, and even Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite are included having it and needing updated, but will take time to do. The whole process takes time.
Marvel vs Capcom Infinite:
Season 2 as of the last update I heard from various sources compiled together will be Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Asura, Gill, and Lady, but the last character is one not everyone I've heard from has been able to agree on. There being multiple characters in development is likely to blame. The majority of them say Rashid while others have said Regina and one even said Apollo Justice.
Here's where things get really interesting. All the characters that I've heard that are in development (to various extents and from multiple sources, but not all saying the same things I might add, which is something strange in and of itself) include: Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Green Goblin, Wolverine, Cyclops, Psylocke, Magneto, Storm, Deadpool, Doctor Doom, Daredevil, Asura, Lady, Gill, Rashid, Captain Commando, Nina, Deis, Regina, Gene, Vergil, Akuma, and Apollo Justice.
I did notice the curious aspect of that being 11 Marvel characters and 12 Capcom. Which would line up with the current unevenness. But when you add it all up, that's 23 characters, not 24. Meaning there's still a Capcom character I don't know about, since adding these all up carries it all the way to Season 5 if it's all in fact true and all the sources are correct in different ways.
Four player 2 vs 2 mode is being added to the game, but I'm not sure when that is exactly going to be implemented.
I will say that despite the controversies with Marvel and the Fantastic Four in games lately, I haven't heard anything regarding scrapping Doom completely from the plans. While he isn't in the plans for next year from what I've been told, it's not conclusive as to his exclusion in the long term.
I guess it could be up to some people's interpretation what that means since he's not being added next year despite his popularity and all, but I wouldn't look too far into it just yet.
This next section for MvCI gets absolutely wild and so I am dedicating its own section to it. I have one source that's told me some stuff that I feel I have to share in the event it is true, but it is pretty out there. Do not take me as backing all of this either. I'm just putting it out there in the event this has ANY TRUTH TO IT later. They claim the game will get a free update sometime around the summer of 2018 that adds Deadpool, Wolverine, Daredevil, Akuma, Gene, and Vergil as free characters.
I will add that I was told by that same person that Regina was originally axed similarly to Ant-Man since both were actually planned to make it, but things came up that resulted in their discarding. Ant-Man in particular was due to technical issues like Frank West's on MvC3. I'm not totally sure what Regina's issue was, but I was told half jokingly that "it might be because of too many gun users." In spite of that, Ant-Man and Regina could pop up as DLC down the line since "some degree of work was done on her at an earlier point," and supposedly was picked back up on from what I've been told in Regina's case notably. And I was told she would/is going to be used to kind of crosspromote a Dino Crisis reboot. No one told me anything about Ant-Man since he was scrapped. But if the work is done and they wanted to approach him differently, I don't see why he couldn't make it back in. I've just heard nothing in regards to it yet. This same source was the only one who told me about Apollo Justice, which they claim is "unique" and utilizes Athena and Trucy in his moveset to some extents.
They go on to claim game is also going to get some kind of patch to fix the graphics and art style to improve the visuals. The UI is included in things being touched up with that.
When it comes to the roster, their goal is for MvCI to have "between 58 to 60 characters." Some things they're looking into adding include a Tournament Mode and a playable and balanced Ultron-Sigma patched in. A noteworthy thing about that is that they have some idea where you can have a boss character be your assist to compensate for no second character when playing as Ultron-Sigma.
Some more story-related content is of course being planned, with additional content being added to the current story mode, and a brand new one announced at SDCC 2018, with plans of that new story stuff being added sometime around late 2018 to Spring 2019 at the absolute latest. I'll end this section by throwing in something strange (if what they claim wasn't already) that I was told of by that same source, and it's so dumb that if it is rooted in fact, I am utterly stupefied by it. They say that early on, Capcom apparently wanted a Power Stone character. In particular Edward Falcon or Rouge, but they were specifically set on Falcon. Marvel ultimately turned him down because "they didn't want confusion with their Falcon." They said that for whatever reason, Capcom didn't fight them on it (which comes as no surprise there given how the roster turned out if this is true) or decide to go with Rouge instead as the Power Stone rep. That's all I got from that source, so now I can finally move on from this game's section.

Dragon Ball FighterZ:
3 of the DLC characters I've heard of include Broly, Regular Goku (it was noted to me that he does use the Spriit Bomb), and Regular Vegeta. This is something I know is going to be highly controversial and I will get into why further down. Three more characters that I know about but not their status of launch or DLC are Bardock (whom I originally heard would be DLC, but that was only from one source that I have never heard back from), Raditz (I was told that he'd be DLC by only one source in particular), and Goku Black (in his Rose form)
I was told that Goku Black was even finished 3 months ago, and that Broly, Regular Goku, and Regular Vegeta were finished during the game's main development with Goku Black. I think people should make some noise if those 3 (or 4 if Goku Black is withheld) were made alongside the launch game, but are going to be held back as DLC like I've been told.
With the controversy out of the way, there is a Switch port in the works. Unreal Engine 4's UE4.15 is Switch-friendly, so that may explain why the Switch port is coming later. I do not know what Unreal Engine 4 version it uses for the others. The much demanded Nintendo Switch version will likely come out next year in the autumn or winter.
For some personal history, the season pass was originally leaked to me as some exclusive pass featuring saiyans (I originally heard about Broly and Bardock being DLC characters). Since the FighterZ Pass was revealed, I've heard much more since originally leaking those two. I've been told the game will be supported for 2 years by multiple sources. I don't know if that pass of 8 characters accounts for the first year or both. I am going to assume it means just the first year. Bandai Namco is reportedly, according to the people I have talked to, taking a very serious approach with this game having a lengthy life and long term support. Including an esports push.
I have a few different sources regarding this game as I said. Every source that I've talked to has told me that Broly, Regular Goku, and Regular Vegeta have all been heard about and agreed upon as being DLC.
Soul Calibur VI:
I was told it'll be for PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch. There was no Xbox One version mentioned to me. The game should be revealed by the end of the year and make its 21st anniversary at least. One trustworthy source told me it would be revealed at PSX. If the Switch version is not announced in a matter of fact way alongside it like multiplatform games do when revealed at a specific console's event, then it should be announced during the Nintendo Direct in January that I keep hearing about. The source who told me about the Switch version is different from the one who told me of the game's existence, I might add. They also told me that Link would return as a guest character on that version.
One of the reasons that Soul Calibur VI was never revealed for its anniversary last year in December, even though they were building up to a reveal even as late as the fall of last year was because they ran into technical issues that sent the game into a mini development hell of sorts. The thing I heard that was the cause or most likely cause was the implementation of some kinda moveset or style switching thing in particular (like having multiple movesets per character, weapons even for some from my understanding). Since that not working out how they wanted was such a big deal to its direction and draw to the game, delaying it until they either figured it out or decided to ultimately nix it was something they went back-and-forth on but was retained in a certain capacity.
Some other things concerning the game itself that I know about and can say is that Kilik is back and uses his staff moveset again, not the Weapon Master thing that everyone hated on SCV. He will have a new rival too. Gameplay and mechanically, Supers are back and as far back as July, there was some kind of universal mechanic like V-Triggers.

También menciona cosas de juegos como RE 2 remake o DMC5.

Segundo leak, el cual niega parte del contenido del primero:

Cita:I don't know who his sources are, but some of the things he's said are definitely 100% accurate, but some of them are only half-true or outright false. This isn't surprising though, as he's said that he has multiple different sources, so I think one (or more) of them is deliberately feeding him false information for some reason. In short, I think DasVergeben should probably stop listening to the leakers responsible for what I'm about to confirm are false, and pay closer attention to the ones who gave him the info I'll be confirming is true.
Keep in mind that I (probably) have different sources than he does, but I'm positive that everyone I've spoken to is almost completely trustworthy and has yet to be proven wrong on anything they've told me in the past. And because my sources are different than his, there are some things that he mentioned that I can neither confirm nor deny because I simply haven't heard anything about them whatsoever, and there will also be a couple things that I can confirm that he didn't mention.
So, without further, ado, here's the list.
  • Sakura, Sagat, Cody and Sodom are indeed part of the SF5:AE Season 3 DLC roster.
  • The other two characters he was uncertain about are indeed Roxy and a Shadaloo Doll - specifically, Satsuki.
  • C. Viper, Q, Oro and Necro being free updates is only partially true. They're free for anyone who purchased Vanilla SF5, but anyone who buys AE will have to buy them (with real money or FM). Only C. Viper and Oro will be available at the launch of AE, while the others will come later. These characters are considered separate from "Season 3" and can only be purchased individually.
  • The only things about Marvel vs Capcom Infinite I can confirm as being true are that the next season of DLC characters will in fact be Star-Lord, Ms. Marvel, Asura, Lady, Gill and Rashid. I have no idea where he heard any of the other characters, and I can't say for certain that they aren't true, but I haven't heard anything about any of that myself.
  • 4 player 2vs2 matches in MvCI is definitely coming.
  • His Dragon Ball Fighterz sources are either trolling him or just have no idea what they're talking about. I've seen so much disinformation about the roster of this game that it's not even funny. The rest of the default roster is Gotenks, Roshi, Mystic Gohan, Kid Buu, Raditz and Android 21 (including her since no gameplay as been shown of her and some people question if she's playable or not - she is). The 8 DLC characters will be released over 16 months, two months in between each character, the first being available at launch.
  • "Regular Goku" and "Regular Vegeta" are not true, but I think that probably it's more like his source had no idea what they were looking at. In reality, there IS another Goku and Vegeta, but they're Ultra Instinct versions of them, not regular.
  • Bardock isn't true. His source is full of shit. "Goku Black" is only half true - it's actually Zamasu and Goku Black is his assist character.
  • The 8 DLC characters actually are Goku (Ultra Instict), Vegeta (Ultra Instinct), Broly, Zamasu (with Goku Black), Beerus, Hit, Kefla and Jiren (with Pride Troopers). I don't know what order they'll be released in, except that Goku UI is the first one.
  • Soul Calibur VI is true. Everything he said about it is correct as far as I'm aware.
  • One thing I'd also like to mention while I'm here that he didn't touch upon is the future of Guilty Gear Xrd. Rev2 will be getting one more new DLC character - Bridget. After this, we'll be seeing Guilty Gear Xrd Revelator Rev3 (which you of course will have to pay for), most likely in late 2018 , which will have 3 new characters available at it's launch - Zappa, Robo Ky and Dr. Paradigm. As for the future after that, I'm not entirely certain but I'm hearing rumors of playable Justice as a DLC character for Rev3, but that bit I can't actually confirm for certain.
And I think that's about all I've got. Sure hope I'm not forgetting anything important lol

Personalmente, más allá de SC VI y quizás ciertas cosas de SF V, no confio demasiado en ninguno.
A mí me parece todo un montón de basura, sin más. Un montón de cosas que no tienen sentido.
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Buff, SoulCalibur VI, hay que tener valor para sacarlo después del 5.
Y mira que yo era fan acérrimo del 2 y del 3. Incluso el 4 me gustó mucho, a pesar de su lamentable variedad de modos de juego.
Entre todas las estrellas, una desprende más calor y brilla más que las otras, la luz de Samus Aran.
Sus batallas se extienden más allá de su vida y quedan grabadas en la historia.
Cita:Red Bull lanza latas especiales de Street Fighter V
[Imagen: 20171114125217_1.jpg]

La empresa de bebidas energéticas Red Bull ha anunciado una colaboración con Street Fighter V que resultará en la llegada a las tiendas de un diseño especial de la lata de su bebida insignia y la inclusión de códigos para acceder a trajes exclusivos para los personajes del título de lucha de Capcom.
En cada lata de esta edición limitada se puede encontrar un código bajo la anillaque da acceso a trajes exclusivos para los personajes del juego. Los códigos deben canjearse en esta web hasta el 30 de abril de 2018 : https://www.redbull....s/streetfighter
Además, los consumidores que canjeen un mayor número de códigos en la página web podrán entrar en un sorteo para, entre otros premios, optar a asistir al próximo Red Bull Kumite 2018 en París. Los ganadores del premio principal se darán a conocer en el mes de mayo.

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